Enterprise Risk Management Institute (ERMI), trading as “ERM Africa”, headquartered at the University of Ghana, Legon, Accra was founded in Accra, Ghana in 2009 and its one of Africa’s foremost risk, compliance advisory and a professional network group which houses the AML Community network group. ERM Africa’s AML Community network group is a network of practitioners, professionals and academics in various industries that provide consulting services to ERM-Africa’s clients. ERM Africa’s clients are institutional investment firms, consulting firms, banks, corporations and others who perform research. Based on clients’ needs, we will contact appropriate members in ERM Africa Advisors to ascertain whether they are suitable and available for a consulting project. ERM Africa publishes AML Africa, The Enterprise Manager and The Africa Developer Magazines and is affiliated to NABPTEX, Ghana. ERM Africa trains and certifies professionals in anti-money Laundering, enterprise risk management and public-private partnership in collaboration with accredited global professional bodies. Our corporate clientele includes private and public institutions in Africa. ERM Africa Alumni is scattered across Africa, USA and UK. ERM Africa’s Board of Directors is chaired by a seasoned senior financial sector specialist and academician with over 25 years financial sector experience. ERM Africa’s executive management education and capacity building activities are client-driven customized in-country training and technical study tours worldwide.

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